The Basic Types of Aged Care Training Certification

Government studies show that, by the year 2050, over 800,000 aged care professionals are needed to take care of the huge aging population. This simply means that the job opening outlook for this industry is high and continues to get higher as years go by. This is why more and more aged care training centers and schools are investing more in developing their programs, as they’re expecting more students to enroll in their program in the coming years.

Aged care worker is an excellent career for people who want to make a difference in their community. If your heart is in helping others, especially the older ones, then this is definitely the job for you. And if you have decided to make this industry your career path, then here are the qualifications you need to have.

Certificate 3 in Aged Care

Taking care of older people is no easy task. It’s a complex task that requires knowledge on health care. This certificate will jumpstart aged care training by gaining the knowledge and practical experience you need to effectively and safely take care of an older person.

Certificate 4 in Aged Care

Aged care workers can provide their professional care in almost any care setting, be it on client’s home. They provide professional service under regular guidance within the bounds of the organizational strategies or defined care plans for the client. This certification course will prepare aged care workers on how to perform their service on different facilities and even manage aged care facilities.

Certificate 3 in Disability Care

The sector of PWD (persons with disability) continues to grow, and career in disability care offers enormous opportunities, especially for future employment prospects. This certification course will introduce aspiring aged care workers to different positions available in taking care of people with disability.

Certificate 4 in Disability Care

Certification 4 is the next step for disability care for disability care workers with current experience or who have completed their certificate 3. The course will teach disability workers with the different management qualities needed to support other disability care employees and help them build their own frameworks to come up with a safe and more effective workplace.

Home and Community Care Certificate 3

This aged care training course includes the new and innovative topics on home and community care, including the philosophy of what they call ‘positive ageing’, as well as the different ways to support the rights of the client. The course will introduce aged care workers on different communication strategies to communicate better with their patients, safety procedures to take care of the elderly, and how to make customized health care plans that suit their patient best.

Home and Community Care Certificate 4

This certification course is the next level for home and community care, and it covers the different strategies to effectively keep good communication with elderly clients. It includes crucial aged care techniques, such as on how to effectively support the elderly and instruct them to do various things to help them take care of themselves. This course is also helpful for aged care workers aspiring for a team leader or supervisor role in the future.