How to Become a Marriage Celebrant in Australia

Do you want to be a marriage celebrant? If you do, the celebrant course Melbourne has been offering will help you jumpstart an exciting career. Especially right now that same-sex marriage has been legalised in Australia, celebrancy roles have become both a rewarding and exciting experience.

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However, you must remember that celebrancy roles have a huge responsibility. Which is why you need to undergo training to become a certified and recognised celebrant.

How to Become a Marriage Celebrant?

To become a certified celebrant, you have to be qualified and fit to fulfil celebrancy roles. You are required to finish a Certificate IV in Celebrancy issued by a state-recognised institution.

The entire celebrant course Melbourne institutes has been offering consists of instructional units designed to teach processes and procedures related to marriage. When the certification is completed, you will be assessed on various determining factors including criminal history, any form of conflicts of interest, and reputation in the community.

Furthermore, aspects in personal growth and development, as well as teaching is also included in the course.

How Much Does The Entire Course Cost?

The costs for a Melbourne celebrant course might depend on where you enrol. Some training providers might require a deposit if you want to reserve a spot for the training. Ranging from $900 to $2000 Australian dollars, you may choose between an online course and a social interactive programme whichever you prefer.

Moreover, after the completion of the course, you are also required to pay a $600 Australian dollar fee to the local government as a final step for being a celebrant. In addition to this, you will be required to renew your registration year every July with a fee of $240 Australian dollars.

Although the start-up costs for a celebrant course in Melbourne might be daunting at first, this is a worthwhile investment if you come to think of it. A celebrancy career is a promising career for those who wish to promote love and equality across Australia.

Is There a Difference Between Marrying Heterosexual and Same-Sex Couples?

Because of the monumental changes and amendments made in legislation recently, ceremonial requirements have become obligatory in all forms of matrimonial celebrations. This means that marriage equality has become more apparent in Australia.

The guidelines between heterosexual and same-sex marriage is no longer different, which means that requirements are all the same for the celebrant course Melbourne institutes have been offering. As a matter of fact, the “monitum” no longer refers to just heterosexual couples but simply refers to the union of two people in the bonds of marriage. This change has eliminated the sense of inequality that has been previously evident in matrimonial laws in Australia.

Being a celebrant is a joyful career choice since you get to fulfil an important role in the society. Furthermore, you get to become exposed to a treasure throve of very useful knowledge, which may open more opportunities for professional growth. To begin a life-changing experience, you can find Melbourne celebrant course offered at training agencies like Nepean Industry Edge Training. Please visit