Tour Package Covering the US Masters Golf 2016

Do you play golf? Or do you prefer just watching it? In either case, there are a few marquee golf tournaments held around the world that most golf enthusiasts wouldn’t want to give a miss. The USA PGA tour is one such calendar and within that also, the Augusta Masters is considered quite prestigious and to be a part of that great atmosphere is something unforgettable. You too can be a part of this sort of carnival and have a 5 day gala time if you take some advance action and book yourself in one of the packages offered by agencies that syndicate them.

USA PGA tourThe Premier Tournament is Held in April

The US Masters Golf 2016 tournament is to be held in april (5th to 10th) 2016 and the agencies are taking bookings for a complete package tour to the tournament. You can be from any part of the world, and you will need to make your own travel arrangements, meaning the flight tickets to and fro do not form part of the deal. Practically everything else is included.

Accommodation for 5 nights, tickets for the tournament and two full days of fun at the 1018 Club are major highlights of the package. You should make the best of this opportunity to watch the main tournament in the USA PGA tour. The trip organizing agency will provide you with the complete details. You can get these from their website and the online brochure there.

Full Excitement Assured All Through

If you read through the brochure, you will notice that the features of the offer include the stay in a star rated hotel during the duration of the tournament. Depending on how many of you are travelling, the type of accommodation has to be reserved, in terms of numbers of rooms to be blocked. Breakfast will be on the house. In addition, the package includes 2 days Masters hospitality. This is exclusive to the US Masters golf and includes two full days at the Club 1018, which is a prestigious club close to the main Augusta golf course, where the main tournament is played. Here you will be served with breakfast, lunch and dinner and the trip organizers will ensure you are dropped and picked up at the club from your place of stay.

Play Some Golf As Well

Having come for the top ranked US golf tournament, you will also get the opportunity to swing a few irons yourself, since the USA PGA tour package includes the provision to play golf in the local golf courses and rub shoulders with fellow golf enthusiasts from many parts of the world. It might give you the chance to share your knowledge of the game with the others and perhaps gain some tips from them as well. You will of course have a golf specialist being attached to your group from the side of the organizers to help you with the local arrangements.

A sporting spectacle will be full of thrill and memorable moments. The best players of golf in the world will be vying with each other for the honors and only one will get to wear the coveted green jacket. You can be a part of all that.